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Bru Coffee Roasters Christmas Blend is crafted from 5 single origins, 2 African and 3 American coffees. The different cultivars are individually roasted to ensure each origin’s maximum flavour is extracted, then expertly blended with a result that will satisfy every coffee connoisseur. This festive season, wow your guests with a full bodied espresso or a delicious filter coffee.


This Mamparra coffee is made from a selective combination of beans from three different origins, Indonesia, Brazil, and El Salvador. According to Donovan from the quirky Lingo Coffee : this is the ultimate premium-grade, dark roast, and full-bodied coffee, producing an array of flavours that roll onto the tongue with a slightly fruity base and then end on lovely notes of chocolate that linger in the aftertaste.


Introducing the Mastertons Coffee and Tea Specialists Christmas Blend. Sourcing 100% Arabica beans from Africa and South & Central America. Our limited-edition medium roast blend exhibits a citrus and nutty aroma, full bodied chocolatey and a smooth crema with a bold taste. Perfect for filter.


Durban and summer go hand in hand. Hot sun and a warm ocean – two ingredients for an unforgettable summer holiday. “Any holiday needs great coffee. This is why we created the 031 Summer Blend by Colombo Coffee. If summer had a taste, this would be it” says Chad Whitby from Colombo. Crisp like the skin of a green apple, sweeter than a picked ripe cherry. Fruity floral aromas permeating the air.


Exclusively available from Terbodore Coffee Roasters, the Festive Blend has been an end-of-year feature of theirs for a few years now. This dark roast is a special blend of beans sourced by Terbodore from around the world, including Brazil, Ethiopia and Indonesia. This limited edition exhibits notes of sweet red berries, a silky body and rich cocoa in the finish. Available online and from both Terbodore roasteries.


Its time to get jolly with our Gold Mountain Colombia Finca El Camilo. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur, café dweller, home-brewer or biscuit dunker, our select holiday coffee has notes of gingerbread, milk chocolate & rum & raisins to get you in the Christmas spirit. Happy Holidays.

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